Due to time constraints and all that needs to be completed before our PD days in February, I have set up this wiki to allow us to do some on-line collaboration.

You can edit anything in this wiki. To do so, click on the button titled Edit This Page at the top of the screen. When you have made your changes, select the Save button. Feel free to add to this as well. If you want to make a new page you can do so. I can link it for you if necessary.

Should you have any discussion items, click on the Discussion tab at the top of this page. Enter your comment and Post. To reply to a post in discussions, below a posting is a place to reply. Type your thoughts in there and post it.

PD Schedule
Everyone can edit this schedule by going to this linked page. (I have also posted a document of the original schedule at the bottom of the PD Schedule page so that we can refer back to the original.)

Jobs to be done:
Person Responsible
Date due
Book speakers

Coffee and muffins for bus
Ingrid Harrison
Thurs Feb 12
Confirm speakers

Create a schedule (based on speaker confirmation)

Book bus