Posted here are some ideas for using wikis and blogs, two very interactive applications in Web 2.0. The main difference between the two is that wikis can be edited by users. In blogs (short for web logs) writers cannot edit others' work. They post responses to a main posting or can respond to others' posts. With wikis and blogs, users can access and update information from any computer anywhere and at any time. Both applications can be made secure and users will need to be invited to join.

A great link for finding out how to set up a wiki is

Wiki Ideas:

  • Book reports , book clubs and discussions- Not only can someone post their reports for others to view, but this allows for others to validate a report or to give another view point on a book.
  • Collaboration on projects
    • Writing plays - Ingrid had her students work in groups to do a preamble for plays. The rest of the class was then invited to add to any play.
    • Story writing as a class or group
    • Research - grade sixes used this to do research project in partners. Other students could then go in and read each report as well as respond to what they had read.
    • Reflection on the projects can take place in the discussion tab.
    • Collaborative "lecture" notes
    • Collaborative review questions
    • Peer editing of papers
    • Collecting data for a group project
    • "Telecollaborative" projects: primary classes around the world are sharing their learning about Math patterns, weather, plants, etc.
  • Reflections on articles
    • New articles regarding technology and its use are posted for grade sevens to discuss and then respond.
    • Comments and feedback from parents and other students
  • Study Guide writing
  • Record of what went on in class so that absent students can read. Students take turns being responsible for this.
  • ePortfolios
  • Blogging/discussions
  • Assessment
    • self assessment and reflection
    • peer editing
    • responses to questions
    • assessment of programs

ePortfolio links:
Dr. Helen Barrett:

*Should you wish to view any wikis that I have set up, please let me know and I will invite you as a member.

Blog Ideas:

  • Discussion of issues within courses
  • Journal about research
  • Posting of student work for sharing and feedback
  • Learning from others' perspectives
  • Critical thinking - e.g. Pick a character in a play. Write a sentence that would have solved the problem sooner.